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About Tim

‚ÄčTim's Father gave him his first guitar at the age of five and he has never looked back. While Tim worked on mastering the guitar, he also began singing at a young age at Mount Zion Baptist Church in his hometown of Madison, WI.  Growing up in a large family, Tim never had to go far to learn the latest dance move or song.  A born performer, he started performing dance routines for his family, including costumes changes, before he even started school.

As a teen, Tim perfected the moves of Michael Jackson and performed it in front of thousands, becoming a household name throughout the Midwest.  As his M.J. tour grew in popularity, his hometown responded by holding live performances throughout the Madison area including shutting down his elementary and middle school for him to perform. 

Although Tim will never stop dancing, his true passion is music.  He appreciates all genres of music from gospel to country, to blues and reggae, which has allowed him to create his own unique soulful blend of music.  Tim writes, sings and produces all of his own music, making his live performance a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Tim's musical influences include Bob Marley, Prince, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder and James Brown.  

When Tim is not performing live, he is busy writing and producing his first solo album.  Along with writing, singing and producing his original music, Tim also plays the guitar, bass, drums and keyboard on all of his songs.